Head of the Department: Mr.Subrata Acharyya ( Accountant) 

Contact No: +91-9331234046

1. Function & Responsibility: Carry out accounting activities of the Municipality and handling of the treasury.
2. Major Works done by this section are as follows:

a. Keep a constant watch on the state of Cash and Bank balance and Investments relating to Municipal Fund.b. Prepare Budget estimates, allocation of budget to various functionaries and control over Budget expenditure.

c.Prepare annual accounts (Balance Sheet) of the Municipality. Deals with processing/passing Pay Bills, Loans & Advance to employees & TA/DA of staff relating to different departments of the Municipality.

d.Deals with processing/passing Work Bills relating to Municipal/ Grant works, maintain proper record of various grants received, deduction of TDS/VAT from work bills and its timely deposit.

e.Deals with passing/processing purchase and supply bills, contingent bills and Temporary & Permanent Advances.


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